VII Polish Festival of Pinhole Photography - OFFO 2017


1. Is there possibility to send application before May 2017?
Of course. Every moment for sending application is good if it is before 30.05.2017.

2. You established two deadlines:
- Sending application (as in point II) and picture for catalogue and the website: 30 V 2017.
- Sending pictures: 21 VIII 2017.
could you explain the different between it?
We have established two deadlines, because we need to receive from authors few things: a) application (prefered filled application form) with 5 pinhole pictures to qualification - deadline: 30 V 2017
b) materials for Catalogue (1 photo: 300 dpi, max 1200 pixels lenght; short CV, optionally: articles and another texts) - deadline: 30 V 2017 (in case of longer texts we can negotiate ;))
c) pictures as prints - deadline: 21 VIII 2017

3. When you say the size must be '30x40 to 70x100', does that include square format images between those sizes?
Yes, of course. We accept square images, if not bigger than requested (in this case from 30x30 to 70x70).

4. Required format 30x40 is the format of negative or picture (copy)?
It Is the format of picture. We have no any requirements connected with format of negatives.

5. Could you accept framed pictures? [That is the most frequent asked in every edition ;)]
We do not want to receive work framed with glass. You can use only passepartout (but not bigger than 70cm x 100cm).

6. Why do not you accept the pictures framed with glass?
The reason is simply - we affraid of some troubles in transport/arranging the exhibitions.

7. Is there possibility to do not take part in "OFFO-on-the-way"?
No, "OFFO-On-The-Way" is important part of Festival and taking part in it is obligatory.

8. Is there estimated the maximum quantity of pictures, which I can apply for OFFO?
No, it is not estimated. Big sets of pictures and full exhibitions are highly appreciated.

9. Is one author able to propose you more than one exhibition? Is it acceptable if author, who propose you individual exhibition, take also part in collective exhibition?
Of course, no problem. All exhibition will be considered separately.

10. Is there possibility to apply with exhibition made by more than 1 author?
Yes, no, problem. Of course, we need to receive datas of all authors and all authors must agree for taking part in that exhibition - it must be ensured by person who send us an application.

11. Is the possiblity to support you via without registration?
Yes, information how to proceed you can find on this website: However, if you would like to support us without registration and receive the gift, please contact us (, because we need to receive neccessary datas for shipment.

12. How receive the gift from When it will be sent?
Gifts will be delivering after ending of the project. However after supporting us, contact with us via e-mail: Then we will be sure that we have all datas neccessary to send the gift.

What should I do if that FAQ did no resolve my doubts?
Do not hesitate to contact us: